by Fool's Errand

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released April 1, 2019

Written, performed and recorded by Fool's Errand at the RedRüm, 2019


all rights reserved



Fool's Errand Las Vegas, Nevada

No mess, no stress, just Oi!-Oi! music for the dispossessed!

Classic Oi! style coming from the wastelands of East Las Vegas.

Only open-minds are welcome 'cuz we're all in this shit world together.

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Track Name: Loud and Proud
Nothing to prove, nothing to fear
Hearts on our sleeves betray a look so austere
Crucified and crossed out, it’s a heavy cross to bear
Too much pressure from the outside world, having too much fun to care.

This is more than just a lifestyle
Born in our hearts and we took it to the streets
We dance in rhythm to our own devices
We march in lockstep to the back-beat

Bonded by blood, and closer than kin
Judged not by skin but by the content within
Subculture’s corrupted, its ours to reclaim
If we’re all different then we all must be the same

Head on my shoulders, Boots on my feet
Warrior poets running wild in the streets
(We’re all) Brothers and Sisters, arm-in-arm and standing strong
And we’ll still be here when all the rest have gone

we're here today
we'll be here tomorrow
we'll be here forever
can you hear me now?

loud and proud
Track Name: Violent Minds
Bulletproof, You walk the walk
But in the end, It’s all just talk
Never alone, You run in packs
Put up that front, Safe from the back
And you don’t scare me so don’t waste your time
You cross that line, I’ll act in kind
You showed your hand, I called your bluff
Tested my will, enough’s enough

I think this time you went too far
I didn’t look for trouble, but there you are
There’s only one thing left to do
Its bad for me, and worse for you

A weary tension on the floor
Best case scenario, you’re out the door
But we know how this story ends
And it’s too late for you to try and make amends
There’s no use talking so just cut the shit
You’ve made your bed now die in it
A sudden crash and fists are thrown
You’ve been exposed, your covers blown

I wish we could’ve worked things out
Cuz mindless violence is something I’m not about
But you just wouldn’t let it go
Questioned my character, but now you know
And this won’t change you so the effort was lost
Paybacks a bitch, and so’s the cost
A taste for blood replaced the empathy I had
This is what happens when the good times go bad

Violent minds
Meet Violent ends
When violent ways
Are make-pretend
Your violent acts
Your curtain call
Your violent stance
Your violent fall
Track Name: Razors in the Night (Blitz)
Running away, something better ahead
But you gotta think fast before it's too late
Just one cut around your head
Just one minute and you'll call me dead

You better watch out for the razors in the night
You better leave out the razors in the night

Backstreet boys wear boots and braces
Razor blades and angry faces
Too much tension, too much fear
What the hell are we doing here

Murder is the biggest prize in sport
Cause violence is the only game you've been taught
A pool of warm blood is your prize
Or a cold blade across your eyes

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