Another Round of Disappointments by​.​.​.

by Fool's Errand

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    The sequel to Fool's Errand's 2019's self-titled 7", "Another Round..." was cobbled together over the course of 6 months in the not-so-world-famous RedRüm and features 3 songs about things that piss us all off. This is a no-frills, 33RPM CLEAR vinyl record so don't expect any gold foil or hologram trading cards - that shit's expensive and soooo 1996... ain't nobody got time for that! Only 50 available so once they're gone, they're gone!

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3 new tracks (plus one bonus) by yours truly! The perfect soundtrack to weekend benders and bad decisions. Play it loud and swing your partner 'round and 'round.


released November 21, 2019

All songs written, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fool's Errand at the RedRüm. ©2019


all rights reserved



Fool's Errand Las Vegas, Nevada

No mess, no stress, just Oi!-Oi! music for the dispossessed!

Classic Oi! style coming from the wastelands of East Las Vegas.

Only open-minds are welcome 'cuz we're all in this shit world together.

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Track Name: Digging Graves
I'm sick of excuses
and I'm tired of talk
I'm so fed up with all the stander-by's
like empty spaces outlined in chalk
I've also had it with the "should-of's"
point out mistakes as if they've never made one
and fuck you to all the cynics and the critics
talking shit after the hard work's done

If you're chasing the gold you've gotta dig through the dirt
and if you want the good things you know its gotta hurt
The hard life to which we've all resigned
but we can't quit cuz we ain't got the time
We're diggin' our own graves because we need the work

Then there's the passive witness
your thoughts and prayers will never change our fate
but still you make it all about yourselves
while you don't put in the time or have to pull your own weight
I'm not saying that I'm better
it's safe to say I've got my problems too
but if you're waiting to be honored with no effort
the real problem must be you

The naysayers with nothing to give
The do-nothin's to afraid to live
The loudest voices in the herd when the crowd shouts
"Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!"
Never learned about procrastination
Embrace the struggle with no hesitation
United in our strife and so we all shout "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!"
Track Name: A New Fight
A lamb in wolf's clothing
the scum that drips through the cracks
Intolerance made you a hostage to fortune
and I predict some payback

They believe that we cannot replace them
a challenge we'd gladly accept
torches held high, it's not hard to pick sides
when they stand for everything we reject

Shouting for blood and for soil
A point of view taught through rote
Your world looks grim with your face in the pavement
How does your blood taste as it runs down your throat?

Give them the chance and they'd erase our existence
re-writing the past with false facts
Millions have died for their right to be wrong
But we also have the right to react

Some people did their part, some watched with bated breath
As their fascist fantasy died a slow and painful death
We thought the war was over, the good guys finally won
It seems we spoke too soon, a new fights just begun

White hoods in my hood wouldn't make it down the block
so they went to school, got voted in... and some became the cops
Our house is yet divided but the base is showing cracks
they stole our country and its time we took it back!

See Nothing
Say Nothing
Do Nothing
You're Nothing.
Track Name: Better Off
I was born with a chip on my shoulder
You could see it in my eyes
You told me that it would get better when I'm older
But I know now that it was lies

Growing up I was always on the outside
Gave up at trying to fit in
I played the game of living up to expectations
You set it up so I cant win

So many years with a boot to my neck
I took the beatings like a man
Pressure and patience turned the pain into a diamond
Something you'll never understand

It was the spark that set my soul on fire
Push off a cliff that made me fly
Path of resistance is a hard road to travel
But at least I'll know I tried

I wont forgive and I wont let you soon forget
It may sound strange but I'll be always in your debt
You broke me down and built the man I am right now
I turned out for the worse, I'm better off somehow

I used to think I was alone in this world
These kind of thoughts can drive you mad
And there were times I thought of self-destruction
And how it didn't sound that bad

I'd snuff it out and then my problems are over
Its hard to hear but its the god-damned truth
Don't wanna go out giving you the satisfaction
Just to spite you I keep pushing through

And they'll tell you that you are worthless
They'll make you think you have no purpose
"Don't pay no mind, just live and die", that was their answer when I QUESTIONED THEM WHY
It's all a con when you scratch the surface
Track Name: Dead Inside (Bonus Track)
Chop down the ones who lift you up
There's no one left but you won’t ever stop
Bleeding the weak to fill your cup
Whatever gets you to the mountaintop

Dying to be noticed, it’s a shame
You'd trade your mother for success and clout
Friend-ships' goin' down in flames
You wouldn't piss on ‘em to put them out

No worth, no pride
You're dead inside
Can't empathize
You're dead inside

Wrapped up in yourself
You've got the money but you lack the class
Far too big to fail
Head forever stuck up your own ass

A walking parasite
Couldn't care less for the ones you harm
A voracious appetite
Give you the finger and you'd take the arm

Soul suicide
You're dead inside
Loss amplified
You're dead inside

You built your prison out of arrogance and pride
The key is lost, you're dead inside
An 8x6-figure-sized cell's where you reside
No getting out, you're dead inside

You sold yourself out and was left dissatisfied
Cant get you back, You're dead inside
A fancy coffin's all that’s left when it's goodbye
Can’t take it with you, dead inside. dead inside. dead inside.

You're dead inside
You're terrified
You're dead inside

Dead inside

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